[Review] In the Mind of the Architect – Episode One: Keeping the Faith

Source: australianscreen.com.au

Curator’s clip description

One of Australia’s leading contemporary designers, Sean Godsell, designed his own home. He and his wife speak about the outcome. Godsell is passionate and opinionated about his art, while his wife talks about coming to terms with having to change in the cupboard because there are no blinds or curtains on the windows of the master bedroom.

Curator’s notes

This is quite a confronting segment. How many of us would be prepared to change in a cupboard each day rather than compromise the architect’s vision? This program raises the question of whether the architect’s own vision should lead or whether the client’s wishes should be paramount.

The Godsell house itself stands out with its light and airy beauty, in a traditional middle class Melbourne suburb. It is beautifully portrayed through the camera work of Matthew Temple. Temple’s sense of space and lighting provide an arresting visual adjunct to the architect’s own words.